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RTLB Documents

LSF Payments

Teacher Aide hours = $28.56 per hour

Teacher Release / PLD = $353.93,00 per day

Notes about Admin Forms

  • Leave, other than leave in the school holidays, must be applied for and approved before the leave is taken

  • A letter requesting leave must be written to the Principal, Brent Woods, who will present it to the Board of Trustees for approval/non-approval

  • Leave must be applied for in plenty of time. Leave cannot be taken unless it has been approved.

  • Once leave has been granted ensure that the Cluster Manager, Practice Leader and any schools affected are notified in plenty of time (especially if relief is required).

  • Complete the Leave of Absence Form to apply for leave outside of the holiday period.

  • If an RTLB knows in advance that they will be requiring sick leave, they must notify the Practice Leader, the Cluster Manager and any school that will be affected.

  • Sick Leave - use the Leave of Absence Form

  • An absence notification on the day of the absence must be made to the Practice Leader, the Cluster Manager and any school that will be affected.

  • Any absence of 3 days or more requires a Doctor's certificate. This must be given to the Cluster Manager.

  • Each RTLB is given a sick leave allowance that entitles them to leave with pay.

  • If an RTLB's sick leave allowance is used up then it will become leave without pay.  On returning to work, fill in the Leave of Absence form and email it to the Cluster Manager via your Practice leader

  • Bereavement Leave - Inform the Cluster Manager, Practice Leader and any school affected. Bereavement Leave is given in accordance with the Area School Collective Contract.

  • Family Leave - Follow the procedures for sick leave. See the Area School Collective Contract for allowances.

  • All stationery must be ordered through your Practice Leader, with a Requisition Form attached, so a purchase order can be generated.

  • Use the EELs catalogue.

  • After selecting your required stationery, give your list to the Practice Leader at your hub for approval who will then check it and pass it onto the Cluster Manager's PA.

  • Do not obtain stationery from host schools.

  • All RTLB are reimbursed at a rate of 62 cents per km for mileage costs incurred while using their own car for work

  • This does not include travel from home to the host school or from the host school to home

  • If the RTLB travels from home to a non-host school and this requires an increase in mileage than from home to the host school the difference can be claimed and vice versa

  • All RTLB need to ensure that the insurance on their own car covers accidents while the car is being used for work. If this is not the case the Cluster Manager must be informed

  • Travel claims must be an accurate record of mileage incurred for work purposes. This mileage will be checked for validity against the individual RTLB’s calendar and the Quick Mileage checklist (see below).

  • Travel claims are to be completed on the database by 12 pm Friday or as specified by the Cluster Manager and/or Practice Leaders.

  • All travel claims are signed by the Cluster Manager, the Lead Principal and the Finance Department.

  • Any concerns about payment must be addressed to the Cluster Manager and the PA.

  • Quick Mileage checklist is available so  RTLB can calculate the shortest distance to and from schools as mileage is only paid according to this checklist. A digital mileage calculator is also available at this link: Nga Manu Aroha Mileage Calculator 

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