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Incredible Years Teachers (IYT)

Classroom Lecture

Dates for IYA Programme:

Tuesdays 8:30 to 12:30 pm. We will finish the programme by week 3 in term 4.

Session 1: 3rd Aug (week 2, term 3)

Session 2: 17th Aug (week 4, term 3)

Session 3: 31st Aug (week 6, term 3)

Session 4: 14th  Sep (week 8, term 3)

Session 5: 28th Sep (week 10, term 3)

Session 6: 26th Oct (week 2, term 4)

Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme 2

Nga Manu Aroha, Cluster 9, is pleased to be able to offer the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management programme (IYTCM) or IYT to your school in Semester 2 2021

The Incredible Years Teacher programme provided teachers with approaches to help turn disruptive behaviour and create a more positive learning environment for their students. The programme is developed for teachers of children aged 3-8 years but is still very useful for all primary aged students.

The IYT course involves 6 FULL DAY workshops over 6 months (See dates below).

There are in-class observations and support, and teachers receive a comprehensive textbook and ready to use resources.

Schools are funded $1,000 per teacher which is paid after Workshop 2.

Workshop Dates July to December 2021

Workshop 1 Friday, August 13 'Building Relationships'

Workshop 2 Friday, September 3 'Teacher Attention, Encouragement and Praise'

Workshop 3 Friday, September 24 'Motivation Through Incentives'

Workshop 4 Friday, October 22 'Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviours 1'

Workshop 5 Friday, November 12 'Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviours 2'

Workshop 6 Friday, November 26 'Emotional Regulation, Social Skills and Problem-solving'

It is ideal to have at least two teachers per school on the programme.

Please send the names and email addresses of the teachers you would like on the course to asap to secure your spots.

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