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Resources for Spelling

Here are some ideas and attached resources that may be useful for a child having trouble with spelling.

Strategy 1: Read it, build it, write it – A technique for teaching sight words

A group or one-on-one activity.

Students have:

  • a piece of paper with three boxes on it, labelled “Read,” “Build,” and “Write.”

  • cards with sight words

  • magnetic letters and a marker


  1. Student chooses a card from the word pile and places it in the “Read” box. Student and the teacher read the sight word on the card.

  2. Student says the letters aloud while building the word in the “Build” box, using their letters.

  3. Student practises writing the word in the “Write” box.

Strategy 2: Read-Sound-Write-Check


  1. The child reads the word.

  2. The child says the word slowly and writes the sounds on the line.

  3. The teacher folds the paper so the child can no longer see the word.

  4. The teacher asks the child to write the word

  5. The teacher then unfolds the paper so the child can see the word

  6. The child then checks their spelling

Tania Longair

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