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In-Class Support

Note: MoE/Learning Support have now taken this over, however, RTLB are included on the moderation panel.

In-Class Support funding for students with ongoing learning needs

In-Class Support (ICS) funding makes a contribution towards providing a teacher aide for students with continuing high learning needs, who are not funded through the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS).

Ministry of Education website

This is an update to the ICS timeline that will appear in the LS Newsletter that will be sent out later today.


In-Class Support 2022 – Update to Deadlines 


We understand that schools have concerns about the deadline for ICS applications due to the current COVID Alert Level. 


We will be allowing additional time for schools to submit applications, but this does have implications on other activities, such as moderation panel meetings and notifications to schools of outcome.  Moderation meetings will need to be delayed until after the school holidays and notification to schools will not happen until week 5 term 4, although we will endeavour to get notifications out as soon as we are able. 


Should COVID Alert Levels prevent schools opening for longer than three weeks the timeline will be reviewed with guidance from the Ministry of Education national office. 

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