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Sparx - a computer programme to help young people with depression and anxiety

This website was recommended to me today by the Doctor at Otahuhu College who treats young people for depression.

SPARX is a computer program that helps young people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety or stress. For ages 12-19 years. It is based on a type of ‘talking therapy’ called cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

  • At the start of SPARX you meet the Guide, who explains what SPARX is and how it could help you.

  • You then customise your avatar and journey to the seven provinces to complete quests that restore the world's balance and defeat the pesky negative thoughts, called Gnats.

  • Along the way, you will meet different characters, solve puzzles and complete mini games.

  • As you complete each quest, the Guide will explain how you can use your new skills to feel better, solve problems and enjoy life in the real world. Each level takes about half an hour.

Christine Morrison

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